Reviewed by samwatts1988 on August 14, 2019

The Terminator once said “I’ll be back”, and in this case that phrase most certainly applies.


We Love Falafel’s ethos is clear: it’s lunch - and then some. Opting for the day’s special option, Masala, the spherical snackery is adorned by a wrap generously lined with humous and a mild salsa. A smorgasbord of salad adds volume to the the lightly toasted parcel, with the spiciness of the balti balls cutting through a portion of cheese that can only be described as “sizeable”, which becomes more forthright with every bite. The aforementioned toasting adds necessary and welcome crunch.


Appearance is at the behest of the falafel artist, but in this instance we’ve been fortunate enough to be spared a joker. After thorough analysis before, during and post-snack, the wrapping technique has been analysed as being comprehensive. Tightly sealed in, there’s little room for parts of the filling to come loose or wander astray, however there’s a one point deduction for a minor salsa leak. All in all though, a very pleasant visual experience.

Value for Money

Given Brighton’s penchant for pricing pretty much any item at an amount that would make even the Scandinavians wince, We Love Falafel have refused to give into this despicable trend by pricing the Melt Wrap at £4.75. It sits comfortably between supermarket sandwich prices and that of a “treat” lunch, rendering it an accessible option for any day of the week.