Reviewed by timnovis on August 13, 2019


Welcome to the third installment of Club Sandwich Reviews. Today I queued for 10 minutes, spilling out on to Watling Street in the City of London to try the newly opened and highly anticipated “Sub Cult” sandwich bar. This new lunch haunt for hungry workers is best described as a gentrified Subway - and for good reason. No toaster ovens here, baguettes are toasted on a hot griddle, cheese melted with a blowtorch - yes, you read that correctly, a blowtorch. I’d go as far as to say this is one of the best club sandwiches, nae, sandwiches that I’ve sampled in quite a while. The slow roasted chicken is legit, the swiss cheese is subtle, the bacon is smokey, and the chilli oil provides a much needed kick to an otherwise tame luncheon. Marking down for an alarming tepidity to the filling, when dining on a deluxe sandwich - one would expect the filling to be steaming hot. As I write these very words, I’ve so far consumed half of the sandwich - and I’m satiated. That’s not to say I won’t complete my challenge, however.


Let’s be honest, it’s a mess - but do I care when the carefully sourced ingredients come together in such a way that renders the presentation simply a byproduct of a beautiful thing? No. This sandwich is possibly overfilled, roast chicken falling on to my desk around me like a beautiful hail storm. A slightly dangerous day to wear a white t-shirt, but I persist. The chilli oil and sprinkling of chives gives this sandwich a premium, hand-crafted feel. The browned, ever-so-slightly toasted bread is aesthetically pleasing. The charred swiss cheese from the aforementioned blowtorch adds an edgy element, albeit a gimmick.

Value for Money

This sandwich came in at a whopping £6.95 - it’s without a shadow of a doubt a treat lunch, but I have no regrets. It may only be a Tuesday, but the Friday feeling is alive and well whilst tasting this delectable sub. Highly recommended.