Reviewed by timnovis on August 7, 2019


The sweet, creamy Emmental provides a subtle undertone matching well with the stronger, smoked bacon - no flavour clashes here. This is clearly a well designed sandwich, full marks to the Sainsbury’s sandwich developers. The white bread, although controversial and often flavourless, does a good job here by providing the perfect vessel for a classic sandwich that stands the test of time.


The faux-toasted look of the bread is appealing, tricking the consumer into believing it’s a far more premium product than it is. The only downside here is that one might expect a slight crunch, so the first bite was inevitably slightly jarring. I think the sandwich could have done with a little more “glue”, as a portable food, you want it to stay together as one consolidated unit, but I often noticed the triple decker trying to fall apart.

Value for Money

It’s a Sainos lunchtime classic, at 2 pounds something, you really couldn’t ask for much more. Would highly recommend sampling as soon as possible - it’s obviously a popular choice.