Reviewed by samwatts1988 on August 12, 2019


Itching for an Indian? Desperate for desi? Look no further than the majestic Sainsbury’s Chicken Tikka sandwich for a bombastic burst of bhangra flavours this lunchtime. Make no mistake, this is a sandwich with maverick tendencies in abundance. Equally hearty helpings of yoghurt and mint dressing and mango chutney compete ferociously for the title of “Best Supporting Condiment in a Supermarket Sandwich”, but the real star of the show is the onion bhaji. Despite its stodgy nature, the bhaji collides with panache into a wall of succulent tikka seasoned chicken and crispy spinach, with a layer of cucumber adding a satisfying level of crunch to proceedings.


Whereas the majority of shop bought sandwich aesthetics can justifiably be described as a “tour de beige”, Sainsbury’s sandwich architects have stuck two fingers up at the system by deploying the unheralded Kalonji seed to great effect, adding character and zest to its appearance in profile. Viewing at the product head on? Don’t be intimidated: whilst its industrial proportions may prompt fears of a two or three serviette job, the even distribution of the condiments ensures that the structural integrity of the sandwich remains intact.

Value for Money

There’s no doubt that its sibling sandwich, the Turkey Club, steals the show in the value department and sets an impossibly high bar to beat. Whilst the Chicken Tikka sandwich might not surpass these lofty expectations, it does well to compete and has the temerity to not only attempt but successfully pull of the conversion of this classic Indian dish to a lunchtime snack. At £2.25, it’s a no brainer.