Reviewed by rhysbowles on August 12, 2019


Skipped on lunch, hungry and in a rush for my train, few options are available, thankfully, across the train station ticket hall I spot it, could it be? The burgundy, the star, the aroma. It’s a Pret. Pret have always been generous with their filling in my experience and the Coronation Chicken wrap is certainly no exception, literally overflowing (we’ll get to that later) with chicken and coronation dressing, a meal fit for a king. As I take my first bite into my flatbread, I’m hit with sensation after sensation. The crunch of the red peppers, the zest of the mango chutney and the accented tang to close this all off. I can only describe these flavours collectively as the wrap waltz, from one taste bud to another; moving with elegance, grace and dexterity.


A picture tells 1000 words, but I only need one, abhorrent. Being the “Chefs special”, I expected a wrap crafted with care. However, I was presented with something far from this fact, I assumed this particular chef must’ve been blind. From the uneven “halves” to the contents overflowing like a ruptured water main, I knew I was in for a hard time. Placing the plastic packaging below to catch any chicken chunks looking for an escape I chow down. A mess, an absolute mess. The only reason this receives any rating at all on the presentation scale is because, as advertised, it did indeed come in some packaging.

Value for Money

This sandwich comes in at a wallet-busting £3.49 - and as is standard with Pret, once you’ve accessorised your lunch with a drink and perhaps a bag of crisps, this lunch will bankrupt you. Pret is a curse in the City of London, you cannot run nor hide without stumbling across a Pret on your dreary commute, surrounded by sad office workers queuing at the doors for their quick caffeine fix. Do they know they’re sad? No, and that’s the saddest part of all. Once you subject yourself to the Pret lunch routine, there is simply no escape. You’ll see Pret in your dreams, your nightmares, and at every turn. Avoid at all costs.