Reviewed by samwatts1988 on August 8, 2019


“Stop the cement mixers, send the builders home and get me a sombrero”. The first bite into Gregg’s Mexican Chicken Baguette was a memorable one for President Donald J Trump, setting the tone for this bread missile to torpedo its way onto the lunchtime scene carrying a warhead packed with flavour.

Whilst on the surface uninspiring, the white baguette remains light enough to provide minimal barrier to the flavours within. Chicken paired with chilli infused cheese slices and barbecue sauce provides ample relish for the tastebuds, but steps up to the big league by nonchalantly throwing jalapeños into the mix to ensure the flavoursome hit arrives with gusto.


Although anaemic, dry and almost loathsome in appearance, the bread shouldn’t deter the consumer from purchasing this pungent product. Whilst there is undoubtedly room for improvement in its appearance (not least by ensuring the filling emanates more dramatically from within the baguette), it’s perfect for the understated luncher or anybody looking to strike a “service station” vibe in the office.

Value for Money

At a mere £2.85 - and with the option of cashing in on a meal deal for pennies extra - the Gregg’s Mexican Chicken Baguette is lunch option versatile enough for any day of the week. Plump for it on a Monday and set the tone for the week ahead, or sign off in style on a Friday. Simply put, it’s a baguette with the potential tear down walls and change the course of history.