Reviewed by Trys on August 9, 2019


The humble sausage roll. A classic culinary choice for the discerning lunchtime snacker. Going where very few have ventured before, Croque Shop bravely created the Pork, Cheese & Marmite Sausage Roll (pictured above with the equally daring Spinach and Ricotta number). A bold move, you may think - but boy does it deliver. Marmite is traditionally a ‘marmite-y’ ingredient, you either love it or hate it. But the brilliant, nay, genius craftsmanship of this beige behemoth is the tender application of the yeasty condiment. A depth, a richness, a certain je ne sais quoi if you will, and I will, but not an overriding marmite-based taste. It’s subtle af.


IMO, they’ve nailed it. Inviting browned pastry, soft to the touch, nicely warm. Teamed with beautiful sausage-meat; this roll delivers in the aesthetic department.

Value for Money

This is Brighton, so value is, of course, relative. £2.45 seems pretty reasonable when compared to adjacent outlets - it’s not in the supermarché price league, but it offers so much more. A solid 7.